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Sambas Sambalia Azabache

Sambas Sambalia Azabache

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Samba's most seasonal style made with an essential and versatile black cork.

Cork offers a unique combination of properties making it an attractive material for the footwear. It is thermally insulating, water resistant, highly breathable, durable, hypoallergenic and its extraction is very sustainable.

The combination with the bamboo knitted lining makes it a very light and flexible shoe, which allows a comfortable fit and can be worn for long periods of time with ease.

In addition to its functional benefits, cork brings a unique and natural look to the shoe.

Lace-up fastening for optimal fit allowing for a wider variety of insteps. This season available from size 31, with elastic lacing included in the kids’ range (31-35).

Comfortable, elegant and designed for those looking for a versatile shoe to walk in comfort and style.

Foot-shaped and room enough for your toes to function freely; removable coconut fiber insoles (3-4 mm), naturally absorbent and thermoregulating. Ideal for transitioning to barefoot shoes, adjusting your size, or providing that extra protection you may need anytime; 4 mm vegetal rubber flat sole with no drop for optimal body alignment.

Made in Spain with local, natural and quality materials.

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